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Forex News Trader

$120.00 inc. GST / month

a cTrader cBot that will place Trades based on News Releases. Can be highly customisable:

  • Built-in License Key Verification for WordPress License Manager
  • Places orders based on High/Medium/Low News Importance
  • Can Handle Auto-Risk Trading
  • Shows historical news events onscreen
  • Will Update News Data on News Refresh
  • Will Update Daylight Savings Time
  • One Order Taken Cancels the Other or not
  • Trade Protections Available
  • Has 2 Different Trading Options Available:
    • Standard Trading
    • Ratchet Trading
  • Back-testing Available
  • This will back-test from the data Available from the .CSV File
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The Verto News Trader is a new way of Trading news events with highly customisable options. Because this cBot does not use any kind of Mathematical equations to find and entry and exit point, this makes the cBot work solely on the Markets reaction and Volitility of a News Event.

PLEASE NOTE: This cBot requires the latest version of cTrader

License Key:
• This will be emailed to you once the purchase has been completed based on the Subscription to purchase.

Trade Low Event:
• Will trade on Low News Events.

Trade Medium Event:
• Will Trade on Medium News Events.

Trade High Event:
• Will Trade on High News Events (ONLY Reccommended).

Placed Before Event (s):
• Will Place the trade orders X seconds before a News Event takes place.

Expires (M):
• Will set the expiry time x minutes after the News Event has taken place.

Once Cancels Other:
• If not Trend Trading, will cancel the opposing Order that has been Activated.

Trading Strategy: Trade using one of the following Strategies:

  • Standard Trading:
    • Will Place a Take Profit and Stop Loss.
  • Ratchet Trading:
    • Will only place a stop loss and no Take Profit.

Pips Away:
• Setting for placing the order a certain pip distance away from the Current Price:

Bar Lookback:
• If on either a Basic or Standard Subscription, will place the Orders based on the (x) amount of Bars/Candles.

• The Amount risked per trade.

Take Profit:
• Take Profit in Pips. Only used on Basic or Standard Subscription.

Stop Loss:
• Stop Loss in Pips. Only used on Basic or Standard Subscription.

Lot Size:
• The Orders trade Lot Size.

• Average True Range Period.

MA Type:
• Average True Range Moving Average Type.

Trending Active:
Activates the SuperTrend Trend Trading system.

Periods for the SuperTrend.

Multiplier for the SuperTrend


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