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Verto Telegram cBot

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Verto Telegram cBot

Are you like alot of other traders who use Telegram to get recommended trades? Are you wanting an easier way to execute trades from these Telegram channels by just typing in what you want? Here at Verto Trading we have the option for you! Introducing the Verto Telegram cBot!

This cBot only needs to run on on one Currency Pair. You will know when the cBot is running on the Currency Pair as you will see "Online" displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

What's in the Bot?

Before starting the cBot, you will need to set up your own Telegram Bot. If you are unsure on how to do this, please click the link below to find out how to get started:

When the cBot is first started on your cTrader Platrom of choice, the Telegram cBot will grab your information with complete privacy and start communicating directly with you and you alone. You will then have the following options

Open Positions

Will Give you a list of your Open Positions with the following Information:

  • Total Gross Profit
  • Total Net Profit
  • Pair
  • Entry
  • Lots, Pips, Swap
  • Gross Profit | Net Profit
  • Trailing Stop Loss Status

Open Orders

Will Give you a list of your Open Orders with the following Information:

  • Pair
  • Entry
  • Lots
  • Target
  • Stop Loss (In Pips)
  • Take Profit (In Pips)

Account Information

Will Give you a list of your Account Information with the following Information:

  • Broker Account Name
  • Leverage
  • Equity
  • Margin
  • Free Margin
  • Margin Level
  • Stop Out Level
  • Account Balance
  • Current Equity

Orders / Positions Placement

Will Give you the option to do one of the following:

  • Place Trades
    • Type in your Trade.
      Direction,Currency Pair,Risk (%),Stop Loss (Pips),Take Profit (Pips)
  • Place Orders
    • Type in your Order.
      Direction,LIMIT or STOP,Currency Pair,Risk,Target,Stop Loss (Pips),Take Profit (Pips)
  • Order Cancellation
    • Allows you to cancel a placed order
  • Main Menu
    • Takes you back to the main Menu

More Features will be added soon!


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