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Verto Auto Trader

$50.00 inc. GST / month

Verto Auto Trader cBot. Designed primarily for Metals & Oil Trades. Can be used for Forex, however do so at your own risk.

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Built with trading the Metals and Oils Markets, the Verto Auto Trader help Traders follow trends, minimise risk and maximise profits!

This cBot requires the latest Version of cTrader. Recommended to use on the Daily Timefrane to reduce risking your Account Balance.

This cBot has been designed to run on a conservative account ie. VERY low leverage and Very low risk. You can change the values if you like, however recommended leverage is 1:25 with a 2% Account Risk per trade.

What's in the Bot?

The Information Panel shows you all the infomation you need:

  • Risk (Adjustable on the Panel)
  • Extra Pips to gain after Initial Take Profit has been reached (Adjustable on the Panel)
  • Manual Buy and Sell Buttons
  • Manual Close 50% Trade Button
  • Risk Display
  • Trade information Display

All this information is located an an adjustable Panel for the Verto Auto Trader. This means it can be moved anywhere you like on your trading screen.[

Order Settings

  • On Bar or On Time
    • Allows you change when the Trades are placed
  • Activation (X) Minutes
    • Allows you to change how long before either the Bar or Time Till Market Closes for the Trades to take place.
  • Risk
    • Lets you set the risk in percentage. Highly accurate!

Indicator Parameters

The Vortex, Force Index and WAE Parameters are for indicators are come FREE with alongside the cBot and are automatically loaded into your cTrader program with the Verto Auto Trader. This prevents you having to search for complimentary indicators as it is already done for you.


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